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The Archive manager will allow you to compress and or extract any files within your home directory. 

To compress a script:
1) Click on the directory or directories, file or files, you would like to compress (do this by clicking in the check box next to the script).
2) Click on compress.
3) Choose the name you would like for the archive.

To extract a script:
1) Choose the script to extract (do this by clicking in the check box next to the script).
2) Click on Extract.

Included with all plans
Autoresponders reply to incoming e-mail automatically. An autoresponder is set up to automatically send out an e-mail to the sender. If you've ever received a response to an e-mail which suggests that the recipient is away from the office, or that says "thank you for your inquiry" you may have received such an automated response.  Autoresponders can be easily setup through your Control Panel.
Unlimited with all plans

Anonymous FTP AnonFTP

Anonymous FTP is the ability to upload and/or download files from our servers without having a login username and password. Obviously, for security reasons, we only allow anonymous FTP to specific directories.

Included with all plans

Bonus Domain Names
Bonus Domain Names are a way of adding additional domain names to your existing virtual domain web site account. For example, if you have an on-line clothing store you may wish to have the domain names,, and all point to your website. This is an excellent way to increase your visibility and bring more visitors to your site!
Please contact use if you would like to use this feature

If you want to point your domain to an existing account and keep your email forwarding, autoresponders, statistics etc. that go along with the domain name that is being redirected, then see domain pointing.
Parking your Bonus Domain Name is FREE.

Included with all plans
All hosting customers have access to a personal cgi-local directory in which you can place your own custom CGI scripts. CGI scripts are often used to accomplish tasks which are not supported by basic HTML such as a "hit" counter or guest book. This directory can be used to set up scripts that you write or find elsewhere on the web. We also offer several pre-written scripts, available free for your use. These include a hit a counter,  & a mail form. 
Included with all plans
Control Panel
All users have access to a web-based Virtual Control Panel which allows you to set up POP3 accounts, e-mail forwarding options, autoresponders, change your password, view your statistics, add a counter to your site, manage your files,  change your contact information etc.
Included with all plans
Data Transfer
In general, any outward bound traffic from a web site, with the exception of e-mail, is considered to be data transfer. For example, each time a web page, image, midi file, Real Audio/Video, etc. is loaded, data transfer is generated. For more information on Data Transfer see Monthly Transfer.
Disk Storage Space
Disk storage space refers to the amount of server disk storage specifically allocated to your account. This space is used to store your html files, graphics, audio clips, POP3 mail messages, pdfs, and other files that make up your web site. Each of our plans includes a specified allotment of disk storage space. You can purchase more disk space at the rate of $5 per extra 20 MB of space. Just contact XtrTech, and we will upgrade your account immediately.
Included with all plans
Domain Pointing("URL Forwarding") 
Domain Name Pointers are used to redirect existing virtual domain accounts that are on XtrTech's servers to another existing virtual account that is already on our server or from one directory/file in an existing account to another directory/file in an existing account. 
Domain Pointing is helpful if you want to point another domain name to a sub-directory of an existing account. You MUST have an account for both the domain that you are pointing from and the domain that you are pointing to in order to use domain pointing. If you want to "park" another domain under your account and have it go to your same website, that is called Domain Parking and that is FREE with all accounts after the one time $25 set-up fee.  

URL Forwarding is can be used when you want a  Sub Domain (ie that will point to a subdirectory of your main domain name ( This enables you to just edit one website. Sub Domains are also a very inexpensive alternative to another domain name since they do not have to be registered!
More information on Sub Domains

Included with all plans 
Email Forwarding
Once your domain name is active worldwide, you can receive all e-mail addressed to your domain such as,, etc. By default, all e-mail addressed to your domain will forward to your real e-mail address provided by your local internet provider. For convenience, specific mail forwarding options are available if you need specific addresses each to be forwarded to different addresses on the internet. For example, e-mail addressed to could forward to an account at AOL, but could forward to a Prodigy account.  Setting up Mail Forwarding can be easily done through your Control Panel.
Unlimited with all plans

File Manager 
The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option.  Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this feature.  
Unlimited with all plans
FrontPage extensions
Through the Control Panel, you can install Microsoft FrontPage extensions to your account. This allows you to use the easy-to-use Microsoft FrontPage program to create and maintain your web site. XtrTech works closely with FrontPage users and can provide support for many of your questions.  Microsoft also provides direct support for all FrontPage users.
Included with all plans 

FTP Access
You will have unlimited access to your account via FTP 24-hours a day to set up and maintain your web site. You can work on HTML documents, graphics, and scripts locally and then upload files to your web site when ready.
Included with all plans
Java Servlet Manager
The ServletManager is used to install or remove support for Java Servlets. The customer can use this Servlet Manager to install the their servlet zone in order to start using servlets immediately on their account.
Included with Deluxe Plan and above

Monthly Transfer

a. What is a Monthly Transfer?
Monthly Transfer  is the amount of information that you transmit from your site. In other words, each time a picture or HTML page is viewed by a visitor, it adds to your Monthly Transfer.
b. How many HITS will my does my Monthly Transfer allow me?
The average HIT is approximately 10k. This would mean that a transfer limit of 1.0 Gigabyte would allow 100,000 hits, a limit of 2.5 Gigabytes would allow 250,000 hits, and a limit of 6.0 Gigabytes would allow 600,000 hits. (That's a lot!)
c. Is Monthly Transfer monitored daily or monthly?
Bandwidth Traffic is based on MONTHLY transfer.
d. How can I see how much TRANSFER I am doing?
You can monitor your usage on the first page of your control panel.

For more information on Monthly Transfer see Data Transfer.

Through your Control Panel, you can use our Traceroute Manager.  The Traceroute Manager can be used to trace the connection from your web site to the place where you are connecting from, or to another location on the internet. To trace from your web site to your current location, just press the button labeled 'from yourwebsite to yourip address'.  To trace from your web site to another location on the Internet, place its name in the text box labeled 'Server Name' and click on the 'Trace Route' button.
Included with all plans
mySQL Database Server
Through your Control Panel, you can setup a fully functional lightweight database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data. Up to 5 databases can be added.
Included with the Deluxe Plan and Higher

Perl 5.6.0

The new features of 5.6.0 include generation of C code and support for lightweight processes.  This latest version offers increased stability and security features.  This version is a stable, production release that compiles out of the box for virtually any Unix, its native environment, plus VMS, OS/2, and 32-bit Microsoft platforms as well.  In standard terminology a compiled program can be run multiple times, as opposed to a script which must be translated by a program each time it's used.  An informative site describing the new features in Perl 5.6.0 is titled "What's New in Perl 5.6.0" and located on the internet at the following Url   Perl programs, are neither strictly compiled nor strictly interpreted. Perl is an interpreted language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information.  It's a derivation from C programming language and to a lesser extent from sed, awk, the Unix shell, and at least a dozen other tools and languages. Perl's process, file, and text manipulation facilities make it particularly well-suited for tasks involving quick prototyping, system utilities, software tools, system management tasks, database access, graphical programming, networking, and world wide web programming.  Information on debugging compiled Perl scripts can be found at the Perlbug Database v2.23   To search on the Perlbug  Database website, be sure to change the Operating System drop down box from the default "any" to "Linux", enter the latest version 5.6.0, and click the "Query" button to run the search sequence. 

POP3 Email Accounts
POP3 email allows you to add any email address to your website identity. For example, you could have email an email address for sales go to: and your support go to:  Every business should have their domain name in their email addresses to promote website and company recognition.  
You can setup your POP3 email addresses easily in the Mail Manager of your Control Panel.  Then you can specify whether you would like to retrieve your email directly off our servers using an email program such as Eudora, Netscape, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, or our new Web Based Email.  Or you can specify to have your email forwarded to another email address such as your AOL email address.  Each of our plans offers unlimited POP3 email accounts. 

Unlimited with all plans
RealAudioTM / RealVideoTM
Real Networks' RealAudio system is a client-server based streaming media delivery system for the Internet. We provide the server extensions to use RealAudio/RealVideo in your web pages. You cannot stream live content through our servers without licensing a live streaming server from Real Networks but you can stream Real Audio/Video files.
Included with the all plans

Search Engine Submission
In order to get your site to show up on the search engines you must submit it.  We offer a submission tool that is part of the Control Panel that allows you to submit to the 12 top search engines with a click of a button! 
Included with the all plans
SSL Secure Server
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows users to collect data such as credit card information in a secure environment. Information submitted via a secure form is sent to the server in an encrypted mode. If you would like to have your taxes and shipping automatically added to your orders, then you may want to consider one of our shopping cart systems
Included with all plans
Through the Control Panel you can access your web usage statistics such as what domains are accessing your web site, how many "hits" you are getting, how much data is being transferred and more.
Included with all plans

Shopping Cart System

A Shopping Cart System is a system that allows customers to add items to their shopping cart and continue shopping throughout a web site before finally checking out. When the customer check's out totals are calculated and shipping, and tax are added automatically.  Through your Control Panel, you can setup a fully functional shopping cart system for your web site designed to allow your customers shop at your web site.

Included with the Commerce and the Commerce Plus+ Plans

Sub Domains (ie

A Sub Domain does not have to be registered! This makes Sub Domains a inexpensive option if you want another domain name. You can also point your sub-domain to  your main account if you only want to have your web pages under one account. You can have an unlimited amount of Sub Domains. The only restriction is that you have the main domain name (ie with us.  And since you don't have to register your Sub Domain, you can use it right away without waiting for your domain registration or transfer to propagate throughout the net. 

More information on URL Forwarding (Domain Pointing)

Included with all plans

Web Based Email

Web Mail Check (Web Based Email) is an email access program that provides a convenient way to manage email and works in conjunction with the Mail Manager tool in the Control Panel.  Web Mail check has many different user-friendly email options including the following: logout, delete selected mail, check new mail, compose mail, options and addresses.  Clients can read and send mail from any computer that is connected to a web browser (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, AOL) and a POP3-compliant mailbox.

The User Panel for Web Based Email is accessed in the users browser by typing in your domain name followed by /up.

Unlimited Email accounts and Web Based Email is Included with All Plans


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