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United States Bronze Sign Co.
This site was designed as a catalogue of their products We included many examples of their work and listed their site on several search engines. U.S. Bronze has been able to increase their sales by 8%, just from their web site.
Ace Binding Co., Inc.
Ace is an international company that wanted to present all of their products and services on a web site. They wanted a bilingual site because they do business in many Spanish speaking countries, so we created identical copies of their site in English & Spanish.
Gordon Guss: Fine Art Photography
Gordon wanted a cost effective and simple way to showcase his work to current and potential customers. A print catalogue was too expensive and difficult to update so he decided on a web site, and hired XtrTech to design and maintain it.
Health U
XtrTech worked in conjunction with health care professionals to create a site where students and professionals can take online courses and earn credits.
Embroidery Supplies by AllStitch LLC
AllStitch LLC is a world leader and innovator in the embroidery backing industry. They needed a site with relevant information about their products. We include information in their META tags and pages to optimize it for search engines.
OASIS Business Systems Ltd.
OASIS Business Systems knows computers and software. They are a systems integrator of accounting and manufacturing software packages. They have recently chosen us to create their web site.
O.O. Bats
O.O. Bats is a start up company selling gorgeous trophy baseball bats. They knew they needed a web page to compete in today's business climate so they turned XtrTech to create it.
Baltimore Shops
XtrTech created and maintains this site as an affordable way for companies to have a web presence. We can design most Baltimore Shop sites for free and hosting is very affordable. If you always wanted to have a web site but were turned away because of the cost, contact us about joining the Baltimore Shops family.
Educational Horizons
Education Horizons already had a web site when they contacted XtrTrech to help them redesign it and bring it up to date. We help them redesign the graphics and look of their site. We improved navigation and overall ease of use for visitors to their site.

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